Confidential Communication

Secure Inboxes for Anonymous End-to-End-Encrypted Messaging

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Our Background

Why We Do it

Our Vision

We believe that privacy and the ability to communicate in confidence is a cornerstone of democracy and social stability.

With postilotta, it is our goal to ensure this ability and thusly promote stability and democracy.

The term postilotta is composed of the two finnish words posti (‘post’ or ‘mail’) and luotta (‘trust’) and sums up the purpose of the whole thing to us quite good.

The Company

postilotta is an initiative of Uwezo Engineering GmbH, a social entrepreneur start-up founded in 2016, located in Mainz Germany. The purpose the common good oriented company is to enable positive change in the world by developing innovative, pragmatic and sustainable solutions. Decentralized and fair.


Latest News

The Better Beta

I’m so happy to announce: is online! As beta version, all functionality included, ready to get the final touches. It is no longer a usual email thing, instead we …

Less funding, more learning

Our crowdfunding campaign for postilotta is over and we did not shoot the sheriff. Sounds worse than it actually is, because instead of the money we received so much more …

Launch day on kickstarter

Wow, I didn’t expect it to be so exciting! Today we started our crowdfunding campaign here on kickstarter and it feels awesome. It took like forever to prepare everything for …