Preparing a Crowdfunding Campaign

Obviously crowdfunding is an amazing thing. You have an idea, tell a lot of people and the give you the money you need to make it real, because they like what you do.
In practice on platforms like kickstarter or startnext it’s nearly that simple, but to reach your funding goal and make your project a success you should do a little more and focus on the relevant measures. That’s what we are learning at the moment and I want to share that with you.

Overall it consists of the three major areas:

  1. project planing
  2. compaign design
  3. communication

I guess I will do a separate post on each topic and start for now with my first major learning:  it takes longer than you think it does.

You should consider about 4 weeks for the campaign itself to last. Plus at least 4 weeks of upfront communication, marketing and things like that. Plus another 4 weeks of preparation, planing and learning by doing. Sounds long, but its all over in a flash when you are right in the middle of it 🙂

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