Launch day on kickstarter

Wow, I didn’t expect it to be so exciting!

Today we started our crowdfunding campaign here on kickstarter and it feels awesome. It took like forever to prepare everything for today. Shoot the video, do the planing, update lots of it according to precious feedback from many smart and beloved friends. And 10 minutes after pressing the launch button, even before I sent out any notification,  the first backer gave 25€. Cynthia, we love you!

Already within the first hour we as well got 10 spam or marketing messages via kickstarter messaging service. I really need to watch out not to kick a honest message just because it starts with something line ‘Hey guys, congratulations to your great idea…’ 😉
I’m so curious what will happen during the next days. So far my inbox just exploded because of all the responses form people I’m happy to hear from. There are so many cheer ups and best wishes, but also concrete and relevant questions about postilotta and how it will work. I’ll have to put several of the questions on the FAQ list on the campaign site.


PS: The image with the monkey finger above the red buttom is from, the tool I sent the initial mail to all the people i know with. In the process when you are about to start the mailing, the hand in the graphic is even sweating…