Less funding, more learning

Our crowdfunding campaign for postilotta is over and we did not shoot the sheriff. Sounds worse than it actually is, because instead of the money we received so much more help and feedback than we ever expected.
As a result, we a) stopped writing blog posts on how to make a crowdfunding campaign … and b) did a complete rework of the whole postilotta concept.

The two major learning for me were the following:
First, for the vast majority of internet users simplicity rules. No one wants to get a new email address, inform all his or her contacts, configure the smartphone app, or even care about that topic at all. It simply has to work. As it does. For free. As it is now.
And second, as long as a problem is far enough away to not bite into ones ass, it gets ignored. For now the sale-out of my data caused me no harm. As fare as I know. And I can’t even imagine that this might change.
So we had to focus on those who are more than willing to do the ‘extra click’, because they are already aware of problem.

With this in mind we are turning postilotta into an online service for confidential communication for those who are already aware the problems. So if you want to allow people to send you information, cutting edge end-to-end encrypted and perhaps even completely anonymous? We are building the tool for you.

PS: Finding the typos means keeping the typos.
PPS: Except for Jan and Lothar. You both please keep on sending them back to me.